Professional Crafters Episode 4: Kelly Cramer from Nutsy+Me


In the series “Professional Crafters” we are having interviews with (small) business owners that monetize their crafting skills. The goal of this series is to give you an exclusive insight in what drives these entrepreneurs.

In Episode 4 we will be having a chat with Kelly Cramer from Nutsy+Me.

Kellie Cramer is owner of Nutsy+Me. She has been picked as our first Curated by Kay bundle (check out the bundle here) and runs a successful business. You can find Kellie on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! I’m Kelly Cramer. I live in sunny Queensland, Australia with my husband, two small sons and our dog. I love Photoshop, watercolouring, travel adventures and the quiet few hours where the stars align and both my boys are asleep at the same time! Graphic Designer by trade – I dabble in watercolour, digital illustration & design, photography, printmaking, sewing – and whatever else takes my fancy. I always have at least ten different projects (ok, honestly more like twenty!) on the go and love collaborating with others.

How did you get introduced into Crafting

I guess I have always been surrounded (and inspired) by people in my family who love their own brand of arts and crafts – tapestry, woodwork, crochet, knitting, drawing, sewing, gardening – doing something crafty was not only the norm, but really encouraged and supported! I also had some really good Art Teachers at High School and then when I went to Art College that encouraged me to work hard and were incredibly supportive.

Tell us about Nutsy+Me

I design digital cutting files and printable art which I sell in my Etsy shop. It takes considerable time to take an idea from the original concept all the way through to finally listing it for sale! I really should time myself one of these days but if I had to make an educated guess, I would say 2-5 hours depending upon the design and how many interruptions I get. I am constantly gathering ideas from everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, funny things people say to me, interesting quotes or stories I read, well you get the picture – everywhere!

Coming from a Graphic Design background most of my cutting files are typography based and when I sit down to design it I usually think of it the way I was taught to design logos – it needs to work in one colour so I always design in the early stages in black and white only. The easiest part is that I don’t have to get approval from a client! The hardest part is that I have to approve it and I am my hardest critic. I also have difficulty deciding on fonts ( I’m a bit of a font hoarder) and which idea to work on next – so many ideas, so little time!

The most enjoyable part is when I realise that the idea in my head is going to work, and then moving a letter into place and you know it’s there. Done! Closely followed by looking for inspiration. If my husband gets annoyed that I’m on Pinterest, I can legitimately say that I’m working on ideas!

For someone just starting out I would suggest working on your design for small periods of time. Work on it, then come back with fresh eyes. You will see things that can be improved or get a better idea for your design by doing so. It’s also really important to keep in mind what the end result is going to be. I know that sounds obvious but really busy designs with small, intricate cuts can be very unforgiving for new crafters and can be tricky to successfully cut out.

What tools do you use

My tools of choice are Illustrator, Silhouette Design Studio & my trusty Silhouette Cameo!

What is your favorite piece of craft

My favourite item in my shop of late is this Cut file (this item is also available in the Nutsy+Me bundle):

Nutsy and me favorite image

It just seemed to turn out the way I was planning it in my head, only better! I always seem to prefer the designs that work a bit easier than the ones I struggle with. Probably because after a few hours fiddling with a design I’m glad to see the end of it!

I was intrigued by the lyrics (it’s actually a fairly melancholy song if you listen to all the verses) but most people I know think of it as a fairly upbeat, lullaby type song. So I wanted to stick with the upbeat feeling – bright and happy!

Some of my other favourites are custom designs. I love working on custom jobs and seeing how happy it makes people!

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