Professional Crafters Episode 5: Kassie from Mean Right Hook

Kassie Kussman from Mean Right Hook

In the series “Professional Crafters” we are having interviews with (small) business owners that monetize their crafting skills. The goal of this series is to give you an exclusive insight in what drives these entrepreneurs.

In Episode 5 we will be having a chat with Kassie Kussman from Mean Right Hook.

Kassie Kussman is founder of Mean Right Hook. Kassie works as a freelance graphic designer/art director and in her free time works on her Etsy shop. Mean Right Hook is running a monogram bundle right now on Little Big Crafter which can be found here.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi Everyone! I’m Kassie. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri where I live with my amazing husband, my outgoing 1 year old daughter and our two cats. I’m a freelance graphic designer / art director but in my free time I like to crochet, sew, run my Etsy shop and compete in powerlifting.

How did you get introduced into Crafting

I’ve always loved crafting and making art of any kind. In high school I took as many different art and craft classes as I could and then went on to get my degree in graphic design. A few years ago I taught myself to crochet and sew. It seems like every year I try to learn a new craft. This year I’m working on learning to do beadwork.

Tell us about Mean Right Hook

I design digital vector art that I sell on Etsy and blog about the crafts I’m working on and post craft tutorials on my website, I started my Etsy store selling designs shortly after buying my Cricut Explore last year. I saw there were not many high quality SVG designs out there. And a lot of the ones out there were poorly made or not technically sound for actually cutting.

From when I start thinking of a new design to when I actually post it in my shop takes many, many hours. I’m my own worst critic. I want it to be graphically balanced and easy to cut. I think about the layout, how scaleable it should be, how many layers and colors it should have and how my customers will use it. When my design is finished, I test it out in the most popular cutting softwares to make sure it imports correctly and to make sure there isn’t any stray points or errors. This step is the most important to me. What’s the use of selling designs if they don’t work the way they are intended.

The best part for me is when my customers send me pictures of the great projects they make with my designs. It’s an amazing feeling to see others enjoying my designs as much as I do.

If you aspire to sell you own designs, I suggest using a professional vector design software like Adobe Illustrator and take the time to learn all its in’s and out’s. It’s easy to save something as an SVG, but it takes a little know how to make an SVG that’s easily useable for most cutting softwares.

What tools do you use

My favorite tools are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, my Cricut Explore Air, and Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl

What is your favorite piece of craft

My favorite craft design right now is this two part workout shirt design (You can find it in the Mean Right Hook Etsy store) I practically live in workout shirts and I wanted to make something that is whimsical and fun. It’s like best friend shirts but for your favorite workout buddy. I love it because it’s unique and really, who doesn’t like mermaids!

Swole Sisters from Mean Right Hook

You can follow Kassie and Mean Right Hook on Twitter and Instagram and make sure to check out the Mean Right Hook website.

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