How to sell crafts online – eCommerce tips for your online selling strategy

Sell your crafts online

The Internet has become a perfect place for buying and selling goods and services all over the world. In this endless “digital ocean” where supply and demand meet in innovative and interactive ways, everyone has a place. And when you are a crafter seeking space to display, advertise, and sell your handmade items you can turn your passion and hobbies into a profitable business with minimum resources, time, and efforts!

Nowadays, selling online has become an art where the technical and functional aspects of an online stores have to be synchronized with the digital marketing pillars (SEO, SEM, digital PR, etc.) in order to become visible, increase your website’s traffic, and finally your sales and profit.

Here a few tips in the following lines that every online seller should take into consideration when preparing their online selling strategy.

  • Thoroughly research the online market, competition, and trends for your specific products. It is very important to establish if there is enough demand on the market for the products you want to sell and if you can effectively compete. You can use the Google Keyword Tool in order to better understand the online demand for your products and how people search for specific terms related to them. Google Trends is also a wonderful online tool that uses real-time search data to help you understand which topics/products/services the world is searching for and how are the trends evolving. It is also advisable to browse the competition’s websites and products and try to establish how can you be different, stand out, or bring added value to the ones that are already on the market.
  • Choose the best online platform for selling your products or develop you own original website. If you would like to develop your own website, you should work on a simple and clean design that will be easy to navigate and offer visitors a pleasant experience. Call-to- action messages are a must while the check-out process should be private, secure, and easy to use. If you would like to sell on a marketplace such as Little Big Crafter, Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay consider their online authority with a specific audience and the fact that your online store can be easily personalized and can allow you to setup products without any technical experience or background.
  • Focus on original, professional, and attractive content. Quality content is always about originality and attractive ways to make your potential customers feel in the center of attention and find usefulness in what you are selling. Your product descriptions and headlines should always be catchy, compelling, and informative. Avoid using exact phrases or descriptions from similar products belonging to your competitors. Instead, try to bring your own voice in a creative and compelling message tailored to your audience or target market so that you differentiate your products and services and prevent Google penalties in your SEO efforts.

    Visual content such as pictures or videos must be of high quality in order to make a good impression and improve your credibility. You can make them yourself or hire a professional photographer who can take the best shots of your hand-made products so that people can feel inspired and intrigued by what they see.

    Finally, it is strongly recommended to create a blogging section where you should provide specific information about your activity, products, and their benefits. This is the place where you can showcase new work, build wonderful stories about your products, and in this way improve your search engine results.

  • Make your voice heard using social media! Create a Facebook and Twitter account where you have the chance to build a community around your products. Facebook advertising is very efficient in driving people to your Facebook page and online store. Your page will offer the possibility to have a closer and transparent interaction with your customers. It can also be used for customer service purposes and for direct communication with people.
  • Have convenient shipping and return policies. Customers are always interested in the shipping costs and any other additional fees and always seek a clear and transparent return and exchange policy. Try to clearly outline what they can expect from you and make it easy, understandable, and straight-forward. This information should be easy to find on your website and should be included in your confirmation emails on purchases.
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