Why To Turn Down Some Projects And Clients

Reasons to turn down craft projects

When the word is spreading about what you are doing and how awesome you made your first pieces, a lot of projects might start pouring in. Even if they don’t, and you have plenty of time left, you might want to be a bit picky with the projects that you take on. This article will give you some tips on what to look out for, some red flags and what to take into consideration. But we will start with the most important tip: go with your gut!

Feels good? Even if you don’t make money but you would love to do it! Do it! Feels bad? Even if you would make loads of money? Don’t do it, unless you really need the money!

Reasons to turn down craft projects

Planning Is Essential

For starters, when you take on a project, you need an idea of how much time it will take to finish the project. You need to plan everything out in advance. This might or might not be something that you enjoy but you can do this for the projects.

Planning is essential if you want to sort out your projects right and then see which one you want to turn down. Every project has to have a solid plan so that you don’t get blindsided.

Once you have assessed what your projects are, the next step is to know that it is extremely important to turn down some projects as well.
Below we created a checklist that can help you decide. If one or more of these items are negative, think long and hard if you want to take on the project.

Do You Have The Time To Take On The Project

Firstly, assess if you have the time to take on a project. What does your calendar look like- if you don’t have a project calendar, start one.

Is It Something You Like?

The project that you are getting into, is it something that you like? Is it something that you will enjoy doing and is it fun to put together?

What’s The Pay

Another important thing is to realize and see if you will enjoy the project. Will the project pay you well? You are not a charity. Not every project has to be for money obviously. Sometimes when creating something for friends you might not want to charge them extra, but unless you are gifting them something, keep all the receipts and make sure to tell them upfront you will let them know how much it will cost.

Side Benefits

Does the project have any side benefits? Is the project a good potential recurring client? Will it get your work in front of a lot of people etc.

Having said, when it comes to crafting projects, it is essential to turn down some projects. Many times, crafters don’t have the time and energy to get into projects that they are assigned and they end up wasting their time and energy on these projects. As a result, your creativity is affected greatly.

Another important benefit of turning down projects is that you can use this much amount of time on something essential or on yourself. That time can be devoted to discovering yourself or doing something else.

Sort Of Projects

There are some projects that are not everybody’s cup of tea or it is something that is not their expertise. Therefore, it is vital to turn these projects rather than spending time on figuring how to do these projects. Also, if you are not an expert it might result in a lower quality than that you and your customers are used to. This on it’s turn might result in negative feedback.

Some Projects Are High Demanding

Lastly, there are certain projects that are very high demanding and therefore, they shouldn’t be worth spending too much time on. Moreover, many projects are high demanding and they don’t even pay enough and certain crafters might be bound to accept these projects when they can’t. Therefore, when the circumstances are such, it is important to have the integrity to say no to these projects.

All of the above mentioned things should be kept in mind when it comes to crafters and why it is essential for them to turn down some projects.

Now the next question is, how do you turn those customers. You don’t want to offend them, they might bring in more work in the future. So here are some tips on how to do that.

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