Box Decorating Tips and Templates

Make your own box design

Box making is a fun hobby to have. It can also easily turn into a business. The materials are widely available and the designs you can come up with are almost infinite.

But what if you’re already selling jewelry, pin buttons, statues or toys? You may also want to take a look at this post. Think of it this way: let’s say you have to choose between two similar rings. One of them comes in a nice decorative box, the other one in a plastic ziplock bag. Which one do you buy? The first one, of course. I’m not saying that you can’t buy decorative boxes for your products, but making them yourself gives you more control over your branding.

I split this guide in two parts – templates and decorating tips. I hope you find them useful.


Box templates basically refer to the shape of the box. They range from classic to creative, from simple to overly complicated. If you’re selling them, try experimenting with as many templates as possible. The more variety you have, the more people you’ll attract.

If you’re using boxes for branding purposes, there are a few ways you can go. You could choose to only make round boxes for your products, or you could choose to make round boxes for your rings, square boxes for your necklaces, and heart shaped boxes for your earrings. Another way to go is to make round boxes for your black buttons, square boxes for your blue buttons, and heart shaped boxes for your red buttons.

Here are some template examples:

Decorating Tips

Choosing a template is one thing, but what really sets your design apart is how you decide to decorate the box. Since this is a creative process that relates directly to your knowledge and personal taste, I figured that listing other people’s designs would not be as useful as making a list of tools and materials you can use for decorating. So here are my suggestions:

  • Quilling shapes: if you’re into paper arts, chances are you’re interested in more than just box making. If you have any quilling skills whatsoever, you can use loose coils, teardrops or curved marquises to decorate your box. Just add a little bit of glue on one side of the shape and press it gently on the box.
  • Paper cut-outs and small paper objects: you can either use your scissors to cut flat shapes or you can build 3D shapes (flowers, dogs, snowflakes) to decorate your box. Craft punchers can also help you save time and provide you with a variety of shapes that you can choose from. Some of the materials you can use include colored cardboard sheets, sticker paper / adhesive sheets, gift wrap paper.
  • Gift wrap paper: another thing you can do is cover your box in gift wrap paper. Draw the same template you used for the box on the back of some gift wrap paper, cut it out, use glue to attach to the box before you build it.
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