Gutter Cutters Facebook Contest Entries

There is not enough spandex to contain the Jiggle

Tanisha from the Facebook Group Gutter Cutters contacted us to setup a contest/giveaway for her group. Where most groups do simple ‘like and share’ contests, which are also fun, we discussed to do something different for this contest.

We thought it would be fun to have the members that want to participate create something with one of our free fonts, the Cecilia Script! We thought it would be fun to list some of the entries here, it might give you some inspiration for new projects!

Also, we would like to invite you to join the Gutter Cutters FB Group. As they say in their description: “This group is for Crafting and creation humor! Vinyl creations, etching, t-shirts, wooden signs & more. NOT for the EASILY OFFENDED.” – so make sure you are up for some laughs!

There is not enough spandex to contain the Jiggle

Lovely, hilarious, shirt by Jenn

There is not enough spandex to contain the Jiggle

Tipsy in my Yoga Pants

Beautiful glittered glass by Amy

Tipsy in my Yoga pants

Home is where the cats are

Lovely sign by Sarah, used at the front door of her house.

Home is where the cats are

Card by Peter


Love You Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Super cute sign created by Mary for her husband.

Love you today tomorrow and forever

There you have it! Are your wheels already turning? are the ideas already popping up in your head? Make sure to download the Cecilia font for free on Little Big Crafter today, only a couple of days left! We would to see all of your creations (doesn’t have to be using this font) on our Creations page! So make sure to start adding them now.

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