Launch of Little Big Market and the 1st Social Network for Crafters

Launch marketplace

Today is an exciting day for us! After weeks of planning and hard work we finally have been able to press the buttons… all systems go… we are proudly launching: Little Big Market

About Little Big Market

Little Big Market is a place where we will work with the best designers to bring you high quality content focussed on crafters! As first true marketplace for crafters, here is what makes us different than the standard marketplaces out there:

We manually check every seller

Every seller that sells with us is manually checked before they are allowed to submit their work. This way we can guarantee that only original designers with high quality work join Little Big Market.

We manually check every product

Even if a designer has been accepted to submit his/her work to the market, we still manually check every product they add. We want to make absolutely sure we maintain a high standard.

Every product is 100% crafter friendly

We are a marketplace focussed on crafters. We don’t focus on any other type of customer. This makes it possible for us to only accept products that are crafter-friendly. We don’t want you to worry about PUA encoding for fonts or compatibility for other items, all items that are on the marketplace or in our bundles will work for crafters.


We know that if you could you would buy all the files to make the most beautiful creations. To help you keep track of the items that you would like we recently added wishlists! Add any item to your wishlist and review them at any time. Just go to a product and press the “Add to wishlist” button:

Add product to wishlist

You can go check out the market on

Social Network for Crafters

Some of you might have seen this as we launched this silently a little while ago, but today we are officially presenting another premier, the first ever social network focussed on Crafters.

What can you do:

  • Get inspiration – our Creations board allows you to browse beautiful designs. Great for gaining new inspiration for your projects.
  • Add your own creations – Great for:
    • Giving inspiration to others
    • Gain praise and fame – the Creations board is a great way of promoting your work, skills, business (you can link to your site or your Etsy shop).
  • Setup your profile – You can setup your profile here:
    • Set your profile picture and social links (you can link to your website)
    • Tell a bit about yourself – who you are and what makes your little crafter heart tick!
    • List the machines and software that you use/own
  • We are working hard on adding many more features soon!

Want to sell or know a great designer?

We would love to hear from you! If your work is high quality and you think it would fit the Little Big Market, you can apply here and we will be in touch soon!

The Artistry

We have been so busy with everything that we did not have much time to add new articles to The Artistry. Good news is that we teamed up with a couple of amazing writers. From today onwards you will see more and more great content appear!

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so feel free to leave a comment or contact us at [email protected]!

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