Hot Jewelry Trends in 2016

Hot Jewelry Trends in 2016

Bold is brave, and brave is fashionable. This seems to be the mantra for 2016. All of the prestigious fashion shows adorned their models with bold jewelry pieces that would get anyone noticed. It’s almost like they’re taking the “unleash your inner goddess” meme seriously. In a good way! Women with strong personalities should be very excited after taking a look at some of the hot jewelry trends below.

Stacked Rings

Why wear 1 ring on your finger when you can wear 5? Or 7. Or 10. As every jewelry lover knows, you can waste a big chunk of your morning deciding which rings to wear.

This is one of the reasons why stacked rings are so beloved – a set typically includes at least 2 or 3 different designs. The wearer can also mix and match them however they like. Remember to offer your clients a good combination of textures and / or stones, and you’re sure to get to their hearts.

Massive Earrings

If I had to describe massive earrings to someone, I’d say they’re the perfect mix of grace and power. And trend setters are in agreement with me this year. Whether you like making long shoulder dusters, big hoop earrings, creative ear cuffs or asymmetrical sets, you better grab your wallet and go shopping for supplies. This is definitely your year to shine.

Massive Chokers

Gothic chokers, Victorian chokers, metal chokers, fabric chokers, multi strand chokers. They’re all safe bets this year. And why shouldn’t they be? They go well with both dresses and biker jackets. Add some unique designs to your store and watch it grow in popularity.

Massive Necklaces

It doesn’t matter if they’re long multi strand necklaces or if they’re wrapped around the body, massive necklaces are something you absolutely should be selling in 2016. People will wear them at the office, wear them at their friend’s birthday, wear them at the grocery store, you just make sure you’re making them.


Actual chains, that’s right! Necklaces and earrings shaped like industrial chains are everywhere and they’re here to stay. They might look simple at first glance, but a deeper analysis will surely get an emotional reaction out of anyone. Maybe they remind us of the post-apocalyptic landscape of Mad Max Fury Road, maybe they remind us of the heavy metal music scene in the late 1960’s, either way, it’s a powerful image.


If last year models had rings on each finger, this year bracelets are back with a vengeance. But not just any bracelets. Bangles! They’re charming as always, more colorful than ever, and sure to find their way back in people’s jewelry boxes. If you’ve only made silver and copper bangles in the past, now’s the time to experiment with fabric, wood, and even plastic.


Headbands and tiaras are back in fashion and they’re sparklier than ever. No outfit is complete in 2016 without a wavy silver headband, a floral gold headband, a black pirate-style headband, a prom tiara, or a Sailor Moon tiara. So maybe that goddess meme is right after all.

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