Quilling with Adelina: Amazing Uses Of Quilling – All The Magic You Can Do With Paper Strips

Quilling with Adelina is a series about the art of quilling. In this series Adelina will write about a variety of topics, from the basics to quilling to pro tips!

I might have mentioned to you in my previous post that origami was never my thing – after all, it’s about folding papers by following a particular pattern. The more complicated the pattern, the less logical it seemed to me – no clues on remembering the steps. With quilling, on the other hand, I was quite excited that all I had to do was rolling paper strips and using my fantasy to give them different shapes and compose patterns. What can I say; I am more of a free spirit…

Back to all the magic I promised you can do with paper strips, here’s the thing: once you master the most common quilling coils, the only limitation is your imagination; you can play with shapes and, most importantly, with colors; you can add sparkles, glitter, watercolors, lace and many more!

Now enough with the words, here are some of the most amazing uses of quilling and how I have actually fallen in love with it:

Handmade greeting cards – when you’re choosing to offer one of these, you’re not just sending a card, you are sending art! Greeting cards are all about showing that special someone that you are thinking of him or her. Putting the effort to create something so personalized or just to buy and deliver an out-of-the-box greeting card sends that message crystal-clear.

Qulling Handmade greeting cards

Picture by Paper Quilling Art

Exquisite or delicate bookmarks – book lovers also love beauty in any form. Now quilling bookmarks are not the easiest thing to conceive and handle – because one would have to use them carefully to avoid crushing the coils. However, they can definitely turn into a delightful gift.

Unique jewelry – all women love jewelry, right? The gesture of offering a jewel is so moving that it does not really matter if it’s a gem or a… paper gem. And who knows, some women prefer the delicacy of a paper flower instead of a gaudy, glittery thing:

Unique jewelry Quilling

Picture by Dewni 

Joyful photo frames – we all have photos in our homes, smaller or bigger capsules that carry cherished moments of our lives. If only we could add a small touch of beauty, something like this…

Quilling Photo Frame

Picture by Quilling XuCC 2.0

Breathtaking paintings – when you can create any kind of shape from quilling coils, putting them together to form a breathtaking painting is just a matter of… well, hard work. Even so, more and more people are interested in acquiring such paintings that really stand out wherever you place them.

3D quilling figures – these ones give volume and life to any imaginable script. From hedgehogs and sheep to happily married couples, a talented hand can create pretty much anything and give it pretty much any kind of utility.

Quilling trinkets – 1st of March is a great opportunity to offer special trinkets to the special persons in our lives. If we really want to show our appreciation, choosing a handmade model will sure do the trick.

Quilling boxes – these are just as challenging as the 3D figures or the complex paintings. You can use the paper rolling techniques to decorate special boxes or even to create boxes and keep your most valuable items inside of them.

I know you are getting anxious to try your hand on some of the above. So just to keep it short and simple, these are a few main categories you can tap into. Basically, everything you see around you can be translated into quilling. And if the reality is sometimes kind of gray, you can always close your eyes and add more color – as long as you can picture it, you can sure turn it into a quilled filigree.

Now don’t be a stranger, stick around and we’ll get together to the actual crafting. From what you can do to how you do it, coming up next… Sign up on the top right to stay posted on new posts!

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